Tree & Stump Removal

We can handle the largest and most hazardous specimens.
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Tree Risk Assessments

We provide assessment of overgrown and hazardous trees.
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Plant Health Treatment

We have the experience to keep your trees both neat and healthy.
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Limb Cabling

We offer quality tree cabling services throughout Norman, OK and surrounding areas.
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ANSI Standard Tree Pruning & Planting

We provide professional tree trimming, pruning and planting.
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Trees Are Towering Sentinels, That Teach Us the Language of Endurance

At Treeple Tree Service, we are dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses keep their trees healthy and looking their best year-round. We love to prune and maintain your trees so they can grow beautifully and create connection with their surroundings - along with keeping our own humble health doing the work as well!

Our experienced arborists are currently offering preventive maintenance pruning for future potential storm damage and work to improve the health of your trees. Our prices are efficient in the modern tree industry! We love to talk trees with you!